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Philippines client looking for... ( 2013-01-11 )
India client looking for Turret... ( 2013-01-08 )
India client looking for Drill... ( 2013-01-07 )
UK client looking for Grinding... ( 2013-01-07 )
Thailand client looking for... ( 2013-01-04 )
Turkey client looking for EDM... ( 2013-01-02 )
Egypt client looking for Vertical... ( 2012-12-22 )
Fiji client looking for High... ( 2012-12-17 )
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Metal Working007 is a professional magazine that focuses on promoting the global markets in the metal working industry.This is a monthly-issued magazine available in both English version. It contains detailed information on the global metal working industry and up-to-date features and profiles on Chinese/Taiwanese corporations......

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